Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries

Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries: Looking For Beaverton Oregon Dipensaries? You Are In The Right Place. Is Well Connected Within The Local Marijuana Community Throughout Portland Oregon And Surrounding Cities, Including Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries.

We Have At Least The Top 10 Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries Listed On For You To Easily View And Access.

In No Particular Order These Are The Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries That We Have Chosen To Feature And Highly Suggest That You Visit.

We will Go Into Detail About Each Of The Beaverton Oregon Despenaries, But Would Like To Start By Listing Each Of Them:

  1. Cannabis Nation
  2. Electric Lettuce Beaverton Dispensary
  3. Green Mart
  4. Growing ReLeaf
  5. Kaleafa Cannabis Company – Beaverton
  6. La Mota – Beaverton Dispensary
  7. Nectar – Allen Blvd
  8. Nectar – Aloha
  9. Nectar – Hall Blvd
  10. Oregon Bud Company-Beaverton
  11. The Green Planet
  12. Yesca Cannabis Company

Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries:

1. Cannabis Nation

Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries-Cannibas Nation

From 2015, this has been one of the Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries. They  share knowledge, love for the healing power of a plant, and their passion for cannabis and its complex restorative effects.
For everyone at Cannabis Nation, cannabis is more than a commodity, it’s a community – a path to healing both medically and recreationally.
When shopping with Cannabis Nation, you will find that each of their stores have been designed with a unique layout, allowing customers to take their time and enjoy browsing the plentiful selection of high-quality cannabis flower and concentrates, much of which are cultivated in house.
They are one of the Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries that test each product that they sell on the floor and offer a vast array of customer backed topicals, tinctures, and edibles.
Explore more across the nation – swing by and say hi at any location in Oregon.
Beaverton | Gresham | Oregon City | Seaside | Sunriver (Bend)


2. Electric Lettuce Beaverton Dispensary

Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries - Electric Lettuce - Beaverton

High, how are you? Electric Lettuce is one of the  Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries with multiple locations operating on a higher frequency throughout Oregon, offering a righteous selection of smoking accessories, cannabis edibles and topicals, concentrates and extracts, and grass, dope, reefer, or whatever they’re calling cannabis these days. Swing by to score some weed or just to enjoy some tunes on vinyl and peruse memorabilia from the 1960s and 70s.

Electric Lettuce was founded in 2017, with the mission to bring flower to the people and celebrate the sordid history of marijuana use in America between 1965 and 1971. Just as Timothy Leary did, we encourage you to turn on (your high consciousness), tune in (to the oneness of the world), and dropout (from the mindless rat race).

At each location, recreational cannabis customers ages 21 and older and OMMP patients ages 18 and older are welcome. Customers can provide their email address to join the loyalty program and save $25 with each $500 spent.


3. Green Mart

Green Mart’s Mission is to provide a clean, safe and affordable Cannabis Resource Center, providing a means for facilitating or coordinating access to recreational and medical marijuana.

Among the Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries, Leafly rated Green Mart #1  for Spring 2018, Summer & Winter 2017!

This Beaverton Oregon Dispensary opened  December 1st, 2015 made $420 in sales on the first day. They took that as a sign of great things to come.

Since that first day Green Mart set out to be an example of what normalized recreational Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries should be. Green Mart focuses on customer service, quality products, and education. This is how they continue to set the bar for the rest of the Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries.

Green Mart prides themselves on being known as one of the Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries  that knows their customers by their name.

Green Mart Services

They provide a personalized experience that is friendly and educational. The Budtenders are able to make the right recommendations of product or strains for your needs.

Green Mart Is One Of The sales Accessories, Cannabis Flower, Edibles, Extracts, Pre-rolls, Tinctures, Topicals, Oils and more…

4. Growing ReLeaf

Beaverton Oregon Dispensary

Growing ReLeaf is Beaverton’s first and finest dispensary.  They strive to provide the best the cannabis industry can provide to their customers.  Their values direct them to deliver relief through education so every individual can capture the awareness they need to make an educated positive  experience every time.

5. Kaleafa Cannabis Company – Beaverton

The right products. The right price. Every time.

At Kaleafa, they believe that cannabis is for everyone. That’s why all of their stores provide a wide variety of products at competitive pricing, in a comfortable, educational environment. They ensure that no matter which location you visit, you’ll find the right selection of products at the best price possible. Their budtenders are committed to providing every customer that walks through the door with the time, attention, and information to get them the cannabis products that are right for them. Discover for yourself what makes them Your Kaleafa.

Kaleafa began in 2014 operating out of a small storefront in the Woodstock neighborhood of Portland.

A small team made a simple commitment: to make cannabis available to as many people as possible, and to make sure that every customer that walked through the doors left satisfied.

Since then, that promise has led Kaleafa to open five locations with more on the way, across Oregon and beyond. Visit a location near you or check out our delivery options to experience the Kaleafa promise for yourself.

6. La Mota – Beaverton Dispensary

Beaverton Oregon Dispensaries

La Mota is a group of high quality, OLCC licensed Recreational and Medical Marijuana stores located throughout the state of Oregon. Currently carrying 50+ strains to choose from to suit all of your medicating needs. La Mota strives to provide patients with the highest level of care in a welcoming and professional atmosphere. All of their products are tested for molds, mildews, and pesticides to ensure that they provide the highest quality medicine. Since La Mota has such a large inventory they advise checking their online menu’s to see which products are currently in stock, and placing your order ahead of time if you’d like to skip the line! Order online or go and visit one of their knowledgeable budtenders that can assist you with all of your cannabis needs!

7-9 Nectar – Allen Blvd

Nectar Oregon

Nector has 3 locationsin the  Beaverton area. AllenBlvd, Aloha, And Hall Blvd.
At Nectar, They provide customers with a high level of customer service, selection, quality and lowest prices in the marijuana industry. The Nectar Team consists of expert growers, master curers, educated budtenders, and many more passionate and dedicated members.
Nector sells cannabis, non cannabis, swag, tools, gear, edibles, cbd.

The Green Planet - Beaverton

The Green Planet is an OLCC licenced dispensary serving recreational and medical. They provide the a high level of customer service as well as bud selection, quality and low prices. Product availability is subject to change. They move through product very quickly so please call ahead to assure that they have exactly what you need and in the quantity you need as well. Re-use/Bring back The Green Planet state compliant exit bag back from dispensary & get .50 cents off your purchase We can only accept exit bags originally given from The Green Planet to assure they are state compliant PRICES DO NOT REFLECT THE 17% STATE TAX FOR RECREATIONAL CUSTOMERS “` 10% Military Discount (Current and Former) 10% Senior Citizen Discount (55+) 10% Discount For Medical (Daily, Always) 15% If Buying The Daily Special! (Medical Customers) 10100 SW Canyon Road Beaverton, OR

12. Yesca Cannabis Company

Yesca Cannabis Company - Beaverton, OR, United States

Yesca Cannabis is a medical and recreational dispensary located in Beaverton, Oregon. They specialize in seed genetics and clones, complete with a state of the art clone room. They carry a wide variety of organically cultivated flowers, edibles and the some of finest concentrates on the west side.

Yesca Cannabis Company was established in 2015. They are very active in the cannabis community and Industry. They also strive to support responsible cannabis use for all adults.

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